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Below are brief introductions to the different institutions attended by our students. Additional information about the schools can be accessed using the links below. The individual pages include further descriptions, pictures, contact information and links to the school's websites.

Udayana University
  As one of Indonesia’s leading teaching and research universities, Udayana University offers both undergraduate degrees as well as a range of postgraduate degrees. Udayana University is committed to providing students with a mixture of excellent academic education, enjoyable educational experience, and social interaction with the local and wider community. Udayana University is acknowledged as having top performances in biotechnology, medical sciences, and also rated highly in social science and tourism studies. Our aim is to influence society at local, national, regional and international levels.

Mahasaraswati University
  University Mahasaraswati Denpasar is a university that is capable of administering high-quality graduates. In an effort to realize that goal, Mahasaraswati University developed the following objectives: organize the educational program to produce Human Resources professionals, create dedication to community development in order to achieve success, produce graduates who compete in accordance with today’s demands, and establish and foster cooperation for the mutual benefit of both the government and the private sector locally and abroad.

  The vision and mission of Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Kesehatan (STIKES - School of Health Services) Bali is to be internationally competitive in producing healthcare professionals with a mastery of knowledge, skills and development of Science and Technology. Stikes Bali wants to produce a workforce in the nursing profession to address the following: providing healthcare that is internationally competitive, giving the highest quality service to the public, handling of emergency cases in the community, offering training in nursing and midwifery, and providing health services to locals and international tourists.

LP3i Business College
  LP3i’s vision is to become an educational institution that continually adapts and improves the quality of education to meet workplace requirements for human resource workers that are professional, righteous and devoted. Objectives of the business college include the following: demand high quality and expertise in work, train students to solve problems, create an employee who is competitive, provide them with various functional and technical skills, impart students with an understanding of business relations, group dynamics and the capacity to give inspiration and motivation, and possess strong morals and identity.

Institut Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan PGRI Bali
  The vision at IKIP PGRI Bali Denpasar is excellence in an education-based system which maintains Balinese culture and tri dharma of universities. Their Mission includes the following: 1) to educate prospective recruitment of teachers who have a cultural perspective and a noble moral character; 2) to provide a robust and formidable education; 3) to execute education in accordance with the times; 4) to research and develop in the fields of science, technology, and art; and 5) to include community service as an integrate component, as education is not separate from the community and day-to-day to life.

Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Bahasa (STIBA) Hita Widya Singaraja
  The Ilmu Bahasa college (STIBA) Hita Widya originated from an educational agency named Pendidikan Tenaga Professional Agency (LPTP) Hita Widya in 1997. The vision of STIBA Hita Widya Singaraja was the formation of a higher education agency to develop a linguistics program to create human resource professionals in accordance with the requirements of the labor market. The mission of the institution is to produce high quality linguists that can work as translators in both literary fields and also as agents of tourism.

RS Surya Husadha
  As the flagship of Bali's hospital group, Surya Husadha Hospital has more than 200 full-time and consulting physicians, 100 nurses, and numerous teams of support technicians and specialists. We are proud that many of our internationally-trained and certified physicians have returned to their homeland and are committed to improving the quality of national healthcare through advanced treatments and procedures. Surya Husadha Hospital is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of medical practice by delivering quality patient care to each visitor. The paramount objective is the patients' complete satisfaction.

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