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Due to many factors, including the availability of teachers and the number of students enrolling, schools in Bali sometimes do not have readily available published rates. The cost in US dollars is also affected by the current exchange rate at the time of payment. As a result, we typically do not know the exact registration and tuition expenses until very close to the day of enrollment. Therefore, we are using the following guidelines:
  $1,200.00 Yearly Tuition ($100/month, average among programs)
     $600.00 Yearly stipend ($50/month/per student)
Prices vary from program to program, from semester to semester, with the first usually costing considerably more than subsequent semesters, and programs vary from two to four years, therefore we are using a yearly tuition average as our guideline. While we would love to receive donations for fully funding a student, we understand that not everyone can afford that amount. A smaller donation, e.g. $50, is enough to cover many of the expenses for one of the students for a whole month. This modest amount allows them the time away from work and the freedom to pursue their education.
As an introduction to the cost of living for the students in Bali and the value of the rupiah, here is a list of a few common items and their approximate cost in both Rupiah and US Dollars.

Item Rupiah (Rp) US Dollars ($)
New Car 95.000.000 $10,000
Nice Car (used) 75.000.000 $7,500
Motorbike (new) 14.500.000 $1,500
Motorbike (used) 10.000.000 $1,000
Television (21 inch) 2.500.000 $270
Mobile Phone 500.000 $50
Rent (avg. 1 bedroom) 300.000 $32
Clothes (jeans) 200.000 $22
Clothes (jacket) 100.000 $11
Clothes (t-shirt) 50.000 $5.40
Hamburger (McDonald's) 15.000 $1.60
Rice (1 kg) 7.000 $0.75
Milk 35.000 $3.75

In very round numbers, 1 US Dollar = 10,000 Rupiah.
For more accurate and current exchange rates, visit this site:

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