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The Matthew and Kazue Carrington Scholarship Fund
    Matthew Carrington was my mentor in life. During his time, he lived with passion, joy, and appreciation for the many things life can bring you. Myself and many others called him "Uncle Butch." He was part of your family, and you were part of his. He was the man you called when you got a promotion to report a success in your life to him. When you had trouble, you went to his house to discuss the situation and understand how you could overcome it. I remember many times I went to his house thinking a problem was not my fault and that Uncle Butch was going to help me fix it. After minutes or hours of conversation, we would often figure out together that it was my fault and the only way the situation was going to get any better was to improve myself and to take on any or all challenges with courage, faith, and understanding.

Uncle Butch Uncle Butch Uncle Butch

    I counted on Uncle Butch for guidance and encouragement. He supported Education for the World with both financial contributions and personal encouragement. And while I counted on Uncle Butch for support, he counted on the support, compassion, and understanding of his wife, Kazue. To honor the guidance, friendship, and understanding of both of the Carringtons, I am establishing the Matthew and Kazue Carrington Scholarship Fund as the newest initiative for my charity. The fund will provide assistance to a deserving student in a developing nation. Full sponsorship will include funds to cover tuition, school supplies, and a small monthly stipend, thus allowing the student to focus on school studies.

    For those who knew Matthew and were inspired by him like me, please join me in honoring his name and spirit by contributing to the Matthew and Kazue Carrington Scholarship Fund. Donations to the fund can be made on our website through the DonateNow! page. They tax deductible and 100% of your contributions will go directly to supporting students, as all board members are unpaid volunteers, who do not take any administrative fees.

  Michael Ballinger Founder, Education for the World

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