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Full Name: Dewa Ayu Ketut Nana Tadakara
Date of Birth: 05 April 1990
Birthplace: Jembrana, Negara, Bali
Nationality: Indonesian
Father's Name: I Dewa Putu Gede Gosadnyana
Mother's Name: Ni Ketut Kembarasih
My Hobby: karate, mountain climbing, rock climbing and sight seeing
Favorite Food: All Balinese food including spicy sambals
Favorite Drink: coffe mocca, cold vanilla latte, hot orange drink and ordinary water
Educational Experience
Nana's Autobiography
Kindergarten: 1994-1995: TK Shanti Kumara Nol Kecil
1995-1996: TK Shanti Kumara Nol Besar
  Primary school: 1997-2003: SD Negeri 3 Dauhwaru-Negara
2003-2006: SMP Negeri 3 Negara
  High School: 2006-2009: SMA Negeri 2 Negara
  University: 2009-2011: Stikes Bina Usada Bali
  University: 2011-present at Stikes Bali D3 Kebidanan (Midwifery)

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