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    My name is Ida Ayu Alit Argantari. They call me Dayu. I was born in Karangasem, Bali on the 1st of February 1989. My father’s name is Ida Bagus Arga, and my mother’s name is Ni Nyoman Sariani. I am the oldest child. I have one younger brother. His name is Ida Bagus Gede Narayana. I used to live with my family in Karangasem because my father was working there. When living in my village, I usually just help my family do house work, and sometimes I teach my little brother things I learned at school.

   After I finished primary school, we moved to Gianyar in Pejeng Village. After that my mother had a stroke and became very sick. Before my mother was sick, she was selling snacks to help my father earn money for the family. She could not work any more after her stroke. My father works for the government. Sometimes my father’s salary was not enough for both the family and for taking my mother to the doctor. My mother was sick for six years and eventually passed away when I was in Junior High School. After my mother passed away, I had planned to finish Senior High School and then find work because I knew my father did not have enough money for me to attend college.

  But the plan is different now. I met Mike, Nee Lee and Scott from Putu Ardana. They told me that they wanted help me to go to the university, and to make this happen, they would pay for my school expenses. This made me very happy. To go to university had always been my dream. I wanted to go to school because I wanted to learn to help sick people get better.

  I started school at Stikes Bina Usada Bali S1 in 2007. I stay in a rent house during the week while attending classes, but I go back to my village every weekend to see my family because I miss them. My family is happy for me to attend university and they support me, but I miss them. While I am at school, I do not see my family, and I must do everything for myself. During the week, there is nobody to take care of me besides my friend, and we are always busy. In my village, my family takes care of me, and things are quiet and not as busy.

  I am very happy and lucky to attend university. I know my god helped me in this way, and I am very thankful to Mike, Scott, Nee Lee, Matt, and Dewi and all at Education for the World. Now my studies are going well.

Originally Posted: September 2008

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