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Mike Michael is an American citizen who is working on his World Citizenship. He has attended multiple colleges and universities, earning multiple degrees in nursing and sociology. His personal pride is his daughter, Yoko, who is as beautiful as she is brilliant. Currently working as a nurse, Mike retired from military service after 20 years, which allowed him to devote more time to his humanitarian efforts. His hobbies include traveling the world to meet new people and learn about their cultures.

I feel a great sense of mission to help other people become happy. My greatest joy is the friends, family, and supporters who work with me to make this world a better place for all of us --Mike Ballinger
Mike My name is Chelsea Yoko Ballinger, and I am a graduate of the University of California: San Diego. I joined Education for the World not only to support the cause of women's education, but also to support my father in his dreams of changing the world for the better.
Mike i first met Mike and Yoko on Friday, Feb. 10th, 2006 at Nobu sushi. As i recall, i was practicing my Japanese at the time, which contributed to a very memorable evening. The next time i saw Mike was five months later. He had just returned from his first trip to Bali. Over a few beers, he told me the tales of his travels and how he had decided to finance some college sponsorships in Bali using his own money. i was very impressed and asked how i could help. Almost 10 years and many of my own dollars later, i am still helping...

Our goal is to promote compassion, respect, cultural understanding, and peace by providing educational opportunities around the world...  www.eftw.org